Why Are Pokemon Fans Worried About Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

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During Pokemon’s 25th anniversary celebrations, Game Freak unveiled the next major Pokemon title set for release, Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Set for release in 2022, the open-world RPG set in the Sinnoh region will feature an all-new gameplay experience and story, something fans have been after for many years.

Despite the calls for a new take on the Pokemon franchise, several members of the community have expressed their concerns surrounding the new title after seeing the announcement trailer for the game.

With several months until 2022 and the release of the game, what exactly has fans worried?

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Why Are Fans Worried?

The only gameplay footage that has been revealed was featured in the announcement trailer that was shown on February 26th as part of the Pokemon Presents conference.

Although the trailer offered something vastly different to the Pokemon titles fans have known and loved over the years, the trailer was met with plenty of scepticism in a now-viral Reddit thread.

I don't have very high expectations for Pokemon Legends Arceus

One user said that they “loved the idea” but based on the small glimpse of footage, “it’s vast nothingness with some Pokemon dotted around.”

Another user countered the argument, praising Game Freak for showing some form of gameplay rather than a cinematic that doesn’t represent the game. “The fact that we got actual gameplay and not just a prerendered cutscene puts it miles beyond most first reveal teasers”, they explained.

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Should Fans Be Worried?

There is still plenty of time before 2022, and considering Game Freak has yet to announce a concrete release date for the game, meaning it could release several months into next year, giving the developer plenty of time to fine-tune the game.

Considering that the announcement trailer was just a teaser as to what to expect with the game, there’s little to be worried about. It’s probably best to see more gameplay before casting judgement over the latest instalment of the Pokemon franchise.

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