Pokémon GO: Zamazenta Counters, Moveset, and More

Zamazenta is set to follow Zacian after the first part of Ultra Unlock Week 3 comes to a close in Pokémon GO. The second half of the Sword and Shield Hero duo will appear in five-star raids for the first time on August 26.

Ultra Unlock Week 3 in Pokémon GO is based entirely around the Galar Region, and Zamazenta is the cherry on top of the Sword and Shield theme. It will close out the second week as a raid boss, and like its counterpart, Zamazenta is a Pokémon that only has one type.

Along with five other players at the very least, choosing a team of six Pokémon should be simpler with only one type to worry about in the raid. With a raid pass in hand, it's time to complete the Hero duo in Pokémon GO.

Best Zamazenta Counters For Raids In Pokémon GO

While Zacian is a pure Fairy-type in its Hero of Many Battles Form, Zamazenta is a pure Fighting-type. That means Zamazenta is most vulnerable to Psychic, Flying, and Fairy-type Pokémon.

Zamazenta Counters

Mewtwo - Confusion (Fast Attack) + Psystrike (Charge Attack)

Moltres - Wing Attack (Fast Attack) + Sky Attack (Fast Attack)

Ho-Oh - Hidden Power (Fast Attack) + Brave Bird (Charge Attack)

Metagross - Zen Headbutt (Fast Attack) + Psychic (Charge Attack)

Espeon - Confusion (Fast Attack) + Psychic (Charge Attack)

Alakazam - Confusion (Fast Attack) + Psychic (Charge Attack)

Yveltal - Gust (Fast Attack) + Psychic (Charge Attack)

Gardevoir - Confusion (Fast Attack) + Psychic (Charge Attack)

Once the raid concludes, players will be rewarded with a number of Premier Balls based on performance or any friends that were present. Make sure to use berries with each throw, and use precise curveballs for the best results in Pokémon GO.

Best Zamazenta Moveset In Pokémon GO

Zamazenta's best moveset has a couple of pretty easy choices, and then some trickier decisions.

Fast Attack: Snarl

Snarl earns energy incredibly quickly, charging your Charge Attacks quickly. It also does super-effective damage against Ghost-types, which frequent the Master League. However, picking Charge Moves depends on what you want to do with Zamazenta. Most players will use the legendary for raids rather than PvP, so type advantage will be key.

Charge Attack: Close Combat and Crunch/Moonblast

Close Combat gives you STAB and can nuke opponents, but the utility of Crunch or Moonblast is not to be sniffed at.

Again, we'd mostly utilise Zamazenta in raids rather than PvP - Togekiss will destroy it in Master League, no matter what moves you're packing. That's all you need to know about Zamazenta: counters, moveset, and more.

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