Toxicroak Raid Counters Guide Pokemon GO

With the A Very Slow Discovery event now live in Pokemon GO, you're probably already working on evolving your beloved new Galarian Slowpoke. Here are the best Toxicroak counters to help you evolve your new yellow-headed friend.

What does Toxicroak have to do with Galarian Slowpoke, you might ask? As outlined in our Galarian Slowpoke evolution guide, you're going to need to catch a bunch of Poison-type Pokemon to evolve your new giant otter friend, and Toxicroak is one such Pokemon.

Toxicroak Raid Dates

Toxicroak will be available in three-star raids throughout the A Very Slow Discovery event taking place between Jun. 8-13.

During that time, it's not guaranteed that you'll see the freaky frog all too often as other raid Pokemon are part of the June raid roster, but keep an eye on your local gyms and you should spot a couple throughout the event.

Fortunately, a special June raid weekend is set to take place from Jun. 12-13. During this time, raids will appear more frequently, automatically increasing the odds of seeing a Toxicroak raid.

Can Toxicroak be Soloed?

Before we dive into the technicalities of it all, yes, Toxicroak can be easily soloed. This particular three-star raid has a 4x weakness to exploit, making it incredibly easy for a 20+ level player to take on with the right team.

Toxicroak Raid Moveset

To understand the best Toxicroak raid counters in Pokemon GO, you need to know what moves the Poison/Fighting-type Pokemon can hit you with.

These are:

  • Fast Moves
    • Poison Jab (Poison)
    • Counter (Fighting)
  • Charged Moves
    • Sludge Bomb (Poison)
    • Dynamic Punch (Fighting)
    • Mud Bomb (Ground)

Toxicroak can mirror popular Fighting-type powerhouses like Machamp with its Counter/Dynamic Punch moveset, making it a great pickup for anyone lacking those meta raid countes, but the rest of its skills won't help it resist its own hard counters.

Toxicroak Counters

When caught, most will run a Toxicroak like a Machamp with Counter/Dynamic Punch, but its dual Poison/Fighting typing makes it 4x weak to popular counters taken to similar raids.

Psychic-type Pokemon will absolutely wreck Toxicroak, making this raid incredibly easy for anyone with legacy raid Pokemon like Alakazham, Espeon, and Mewtwo. Here's are the best Toxicroak counters.

Raid Team Choices

Rare: Mewtwo

  • Best: Psycho Cut, Psystrike
  • Alt: Confusion, Psychic

Available countless times over the last few years, Mewtwo is a Pokemon most players will have in surplus.

Its best moveset was specific to past events, but its generic Psychic-type moveset will work perfectly fine as a Toxicroak counter.

Uncommon: Alakazam

  • Best: Confusion, Psychic

Alakazam has featured in three-star raids time and time again. Easily countered by Dark-types and fatal against Machamp raids, it became a natural way for low-level players to quickly build raid teams.

It may be a glass cannon, but a fast Alakazam can put down Toxicroak without much issue.

On June 8, a special Abra Spotlight Hour arrives alongside double catch candy. It's a great time to get a Alakazam in time for the Toxicroak raids.

Common: Espeon

  • Best: Confusion, Psychic

Due to the easy evolution method of Espeon, it's a common Psychic-type attacker that should be in everyone's box. It's not quite as free-flowing in combat as Alakazam, but it's easier to get hold of in a pinch

Honorable Mentions

Pokemon GO isn't short of strong Psychic-type critters to combat Toxicroak, but the above are the ones legacy players are more likely to rely on. Below are some other noteworthy Pokemon that should be able to defeat Toxicroak just as easily.

Latios with a Zen Headbutt/Psychic moveset rivals Mewtwo in this match-up. It's not as common, but it'll get the job done. Likewise, Latias with the same moveset will work basically just as well.

Metagross and Gallade, typically from other Community Days, will beat the snot out of Toxicroak. Metagross will take some damage from the Fighting-type movesets, but it should survive in most cases.

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