Relic Song, A Signature Meloetta Move, May Have Leaked in Pokemon GO

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In just a few week's time, those brave enough to head outdoors will once against do laps around their local park as Pokemon GO Fest 2021 kicks off. Marking the game's fifth anniversary, it's going to be a big one. And the signature move of Meloetta—its big reward—may have just leaked.

Now, leaks are nothing new in Pokemon GO. In fact, they're not even really leaks. They're strips of code and tiny images pulled straight from the game's files by people who just hate surprises and suspense.


But some people like to know what to expect, what they're getting into, and what they're set to receive for their time investment. So fair play to them. If you fall in the latter category, click away now. Here's probably what Meloetta's signature move will be when it lands in Pokemon GO in mid-July, courtesy of Pokemon GO Hub latest datamine roundup.

According to the datamine, Meloetta will come with the move Relic Song. We didn't really need a code sleuth to figure that out, though: it's the Pokemon's main move in the traditional Pokemon games as well.

And that's about all we know. Only the name of the move was found in the files. How it works and how strong it might be is still shrouded in mystery.


In the main games, Meloetta's Relic Song deals damage and potentially puts Pokemon to sleep. Status effects aren't a thing in Pokemon GO (even though they should be) so we can rule that last part out entirely.

What shouldn't be ruled out, though, is its other effect. Relic Song causes Meloetta to switch between its Pirouette and Aria forms.

Though forme changing hasn't been introduced to Pokemon GO yet, leaks have suggested it could be on its way, and Meloetta could be the great candidate for the game's first forme-changing Pokemon.

While we don't know exactly how much damage Relic Song (or any of Meloetta's other moves) will deal, there isn't long left to wait. Meloetta is confirmed to be a reward for those who take part in Pokemon GO Fest 2021 in the middle of July.