Meloetta Is Confirmed for Pokemon GO Fest 2021

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Update: After months of speculation, Niantic has finally confirmed the rumors: Melotta will appear during Pokemon GO Fest 2021 as this year's exclusive Mythical Pokemon. The company hasn't outright named the Pokemon, but by posting a rather obvious silhouette to its social media pages, the grand announcement must be just around the corner.

Can Meloetta Be Shiny?

The silhouette is undoubtedly confirmation that Meloetta will be catchable during Pokemon GO Fest 2021, but there's still another little tease hidden in the Pokemon's background.


As noted by Twitter user WhyldeGamer, multiple symbols matching the in-game Shiny Pokemon marker appear in the image.

It could just be a case of reusing a motif to decorate the performing Pokemon's image like a brightly lit stage show, but with how important (and rare) shiny Pokemon are to collectors, it would be a cruel prank or oversight on Niantic's behalf that would certainly kick up a storm.

Meloetta hasn't typically been Shiny in the mainline Pokemon games, but a shiny Meloetta color does exist, so it could debut in Pokemon GO during GO Fest 2021.

How to Catch Meloetta During Pokemon GO Fest 2021

The method of how to catch Meloetta during Pokemon GO Fest 2021 obviously hasn't been revealed yet, but past events likely hold the clue. Expect to need a buy a Pokemon GO Fest ticket in-game and complete a series of missions across Go Fest dates of July 17-18.

Meloetta will likely become available to other players long after the event, but if the symbols are anything to go by, Shiny Meloetta will likely be a GO Fest exclusive.

Meloetta as seen in the Pokemon anime.

Original Story:
Pokemon GO Fest 2021 was finally announced and fans quickly spotted some hints that point towards the debut of the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta.


Meloetta, also known as the Melody Pokemon, is from the Generation V roster. While Generation V has been in Pokemon GO for a while, Meloetta has remained absent until further notice in the game. However, the time for a debut may be close based on some new hints.

The first hint is a couple of musical notes that are in the Pokemon GO Fest 2021 logo. Typically, Niantic likes to place easter eggs in their art or within the logos for Pokemon GO events.

One of the recent examples has had fans waiting for the debut of Sylveon. Musical notes in the Pokemon GO Fest logo aren't the only indicator of Meloetta though.

A second hint was found in the blog post about Pokemon GO Fest 2021. Meloetta was never specifically named in the blog post, but one line said, "Stay tuned for more details!"

While it may be a coincidence, it doesn't seem likely that the word tuned in that line was italicized for no reason. Everything from Meloetta's hair to its theme and forms is based around music and tunes.

Meloetta and Pokemon GO Fest 2021

Pokemon GO Fest 2021 was announced and confirmed to take place on July 17-18. Aside from the dates of the event though, there wasn't a lot of new information to learn.

The blog post did mention that the 25th anniversary of Pokemon was this year, and so is the 5th anniversary of Pokemon GO, so the event should be the biggest yet.

One takeaway might be that last year's event ended with players getting a Victini. Perhaps this year the reward will be a Meloetta.