Pokemon Go XL Candy: How To Get And How To Use To Power Up Past Level 40

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Pokemon GO has released a new 'GO Beyond Update' to players across the world, and one of the new features introduced into the game is XL Candy.

But what is XL Candy? How do you get it? And how can XL Candy be used?


We've pulled together everything you need to know in this handy FAQ.

So read on, or click the links below to go to each relevant section

What Is XL Candy?

It's a new resource added as part of the GO Beyond update and in short, it's used to help players power up their Pokemon beyond level 40.

If you wanted to power up Pokemon previously, you could only do to the max level cap of 40, using stardust.

Players wishing to level up their pokemon beyond level 40 can now do so, but it comes at the cost of XL Candy AND stardust.


Like normal candy, XL candy is specific to individual Pokemon species. 

To complicate matters, players can only start earning XL Candy until you they have levelled up their trainer to Level 40.

How To Get XL Candy In Pokemon GO?

Prior to the rollout, one level 41 player who was part of a test rollout of the new features posted an intensive overview of how the new XL Candy can be acquired in-game.

The player shared this research on the Silph Road Sub-Reddit.

It's worth noting that some of the below actions used to obtain XL Candy could have changed during the Beyond GO rollout, but for now, the below actions are a good overview of all the ways you can get XL Candy.

  • XL Candy can be acquired via: Trading, Catching, Transferring and Hatching Eggs
  • Raided Pokémon / Shadow Pokémon can both award XL candy when caught / transferred.
  • A Caught Raided Pokémon does not guarantee an XL Candy.
  • A Caught Shiny Pokémon does not guarantee an XL Candy.
  • A Caught Secondary or Third Evolution Pokémon does not guarantee an XL Candy
  • A Caught Pokémon's Level / Evolutionary Form has no impact on if it will award XL Candy.
  • A Caught Pokémon that awards XL Candy for one trainer, may not award XL Candy for another.
  • A Caught Pokémon can drop between 0-3XL Candy.
  • Mass Transferring the same species can award multiple XL Candy.
  • Currently 1XL Candy can be guaranteed via trading (More info on this below)
  • Both Trainers can receive an XL Candy in a trade, but this is less likely than 1 trainer receiving it.
  • Transferring Legendary / Mythical Pokémon can award an XL Candy.
  • There is currently no known cap on XL Candy that can be acquired in any period of time.
  • Transferring multiple species of Pokémon can award multiple species of XL Candy in one mass transfer.
  • Trading always awards normal candy (as well as the chance at XL Candy) (which can currently be re-rolled until it shows you will receive an XL Candy)

Pokemon GO XL Candy Level Up Costs

As noted by the Pokemon GO Hub, it will take trainers a whopping 250000 stardust and 296 XL Candy to power up a Pokemon from Level 40 to 50.

So be prepared to grind to earn that XL candy!

Below you'll also find a table showing the required XL Candy and Stardust Cost for upgrading Pokemon from Level 41 to Level 50

Pokemon Level Stardust cost XL Candy Cost


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