Pokemon GO Update 0.193 and 1.159 Patch Notes: All Updates Ahead of Go Beyond Update

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Ahead of its massive "Go Beyond" update, Niantic has released a new patch for both Android and iOS players of its smash-hit title.

The catchily titled 0.193 and 1.159 updates get things prepped for the next big chapter of the mobile title.


Here's what's included.

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Pokemon GO Update 0.193 and 1.159 Patch Notes

As per Niantic's support blog:



  • Support for the GO Beyond update
  • Soon, Trainers will be able to purchase Remote Raid Passes more easily when trying to enter a raid remotely without a Remote Raid Pass in your inventory.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the keyboard to disappear when clearing the search bar in Pokémon storage.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Meltan Candy to appear black and without a pattern
  • Fixed an issue that caused “Error 6” to appear repeatedly after failing to match with an opponent in GO Battle League. We are investigating future instances of this bug that occur without this error message.

A fairly slim update, then, but don't worry, Go Beyond will offer a huge shakeup to the core experience.

An increased level cap, a new way of levelling up, and the introduction of seasons will give players a reason to log in all year round.

There are also Gen 6 Pokemon being added. Here are all the ones we know of so far.