Pokemon Go: 'Go Beyond' Update And Event: Level 40, Release Date, Rewards, Seasons And Gen 6 Pokemon Revealed

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After plenty of hinting, Pokemon Go is finally raising the level 40 cap, adding Pokemon from the Kalos region and boosting XP rewards.

In a new post on the Pokemon website, it was confirmed that a new 12 Days of Friendship event will kick things off later today as players will now need to work towards a cap of 50.


Trainers can also expect new seasonal content, a change to the way ranks work in a competitive league and high-level Platinum medals.

Here's what we know about Pokemon GO's Beyond Update!

Pokemon Go: Go Beyond Update Revealed

Release Date

The updates roll out on November 30 and should give players plenty to work towards.

Level Cap Changes


Trainers that go beyond Level 40 will need to complete challenge requirements that offer huge XP gains in return for some hefty task objectives (catch 200 Pokemon in a day, anyone?).

New platinum medals will also be added, with these able to help you on your quest to hit level 50.

The new levelling system is retroactive, though, so if you've been slogging away since launch, you may find yourself boosted above level 40 in due time.

If you're yet to hit level 40, the good news is that all XP gains will be buffed across the board. So when you catch, evolve, or discover new monsters, you'll earn double the usual XP rate.

Players that reach level 40 before the end of December can get a new profile medal for their efforts, as well as new cosmetics, while Pokemon can be levelled higher with XL candy.

Seasonal Content

The game will now offer seasonal content, with each period lasting three months.


The first season, Season of Celebration, will focus around certain creatures in different Pokemon regions.

Expect ice-types to be prevalent given the time of year. 

Seasons will change the following:

  • Raid encounters
  • Egg Pokemon
  • Wild Pokemon
  • In-game events

Battle League Changes

Alongside PvE seasons, Go Battle League will also run for three months.

There will now be 24 ranks for players, with improved rewards for ranking up and items more closely aligned with seasonal themes.


New Pokemon

Arguably the biggest deal is the addition of Pokemon from Gen 6, as well as a new regional creature.

You'll be able to find all Gen 6 starters (Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie) along with their evolutions as well as other common creatures and the popular Geninja.

France will get Klefki exclusively, while a new one-star raid egg Pokemon is being kept under wraps.