Pokemon GO Shiny Voltorb Guide: How To Catch Shiny Voltorb And Evolve To Shiny Electrode

Here we are with another Shiny guide for Pokemon Go, this time for electricity-type Voltorb.

If you want to complete your Shiny 'dex, here’s all the information you need to be able to snag a Shiny Voltorb and even get its evolved forms too.

Where To Find Shiny Voltorb

You can find Voltorb, and therefore Shiny Voltorbs in the wild and from 5km Eggs!

You can catch a Shiny Voltorb right now, you’ll just have to get lucky.

Increased Voltorb spawns will be happening this Sunday, January 24 2021!

You won’t completely miss your chance of catching a Shiny Voltorb if you don’t find one on this date but your chances of finding the pokemon overall will be lower until the next event it features in.

You can check out full details of the upcoming Mareep Incense Day here.

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How To Evolve Shiny Voltorb Into Shiny Electrode

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We get it, it’s all well and good having a Voltorb, but what if you want to take on the competitive scene or fill out your collection more!

You can evolve Shiny Voltorb into Shiny Electrode the same way as you would a normal Voltorb.

That is you’ll need 50 Voltorb Candy!

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