Pokemon GO Shiny Swinub Guide: How To Catch Shiny Swinub And Evolve To Shiny Piloswine And Mamoswine

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Have you got a Swinub yet?

Maybe it's a Shiny and maybe you want to evolve it?


Great because that's exactly what we covered down below!

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Shiny Swinub Guide

Spotlight Hours

It was announced in this blog post that Swinub will be one of the Pokemon in the spotlight during December.


On Tuesday 1st of December Swinub will be in the spotlight, and you’ll earn twice the Stardust for catching Pokémon.

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Where To Find Shiny Swinub

Shiny Swinubs can be found in Research Encounters, Raids, Eggs and the wild.


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How To Evolve Shiny Swinub To Shiny Piloswine

Let's evolve that Shiny Swinub!

Evolving a Swinub will turn it into a Piloswine.


Give your Shiny Swinub 25 Candy.

An evolution scene should ensue and you will now have a Shiny Piloswine!

How To Evolve Shiny Piloswine To Shiny Mamoswine

Next, we'll want to turn the Shiny Piloswine into a Shiny Mamoswine!


This time you'll need 100 Candy and a Sinnoh Stone.

Got that? Go ahead and evolve your Shiny Piloswine into Mamoswine!