Pokemon GO Shiny Pikachu Guide: How To Catch Shiny Pikachu And Evolve To Shiny Raichu

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Pikachu, a classic Pokemon.

Many around the world love them and want one for themselves.


Well, now you can even get a Shiny version!

We'll also take a look at how to evolve it into a Shiny Raichu!

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Shiny Pikachu Guide

Where To Find Shiny Pikachu


You can find Shiny Pikachus in Research Encounters, Raids, 2km Eggs as well as the wild.

You'll also have increased Pikachu spawns during the upcoming Mareep Incense Day (January 24 20121), check out all the details here.

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How To Evolve Shiny Pikachu To Shiny Raichu


Maybe Pikachu isn't your first choice.

Is it Raichu? Well, let's get you one!

It'll take you 50 Candy to turn a Shiny Pikachu into a Shiny Raichu.


Select evolve and you should now have yourself the third evolution in the family.