Pokemon GO: How To Find And Catch Shiny Bunnelby

Pokemon GO is still a pretty successful game despite the pandemic making things worse for people that liked going out to play it, but Niantic adapted and made the game more playable indoors, so you can walk around your house or neighborhood to get some Shiny Pokemon or need a fun way to make your exercise more interesting than the usual jog.

Thankfully, events are still in full swing and the Pokemon GO Spring event is now ready for players, with Niantic even revealing specific bunny-like Pokemon will be more available, including a Shiny Bunnelby for those that desperately want to increase their Shiny Pokemon collection so if you’ve always wanted the creature, now’s the best time to pick up your device of choice and catch it.

How To Get Shiny Bunnelby In Pokemon GO

According to Niantic, Shiny Bunnelby will be one of the Pokemon roaming in the wild so this is going to be a rough one for fans since they’re gonna have to walk around a lot, or maybe catch a number of regular Bunnelbys before finding a shiny variant.

In addition, you'll be able to catch a Shiny Bunnelby from 2km eggs and Raid battles. Although, we won't pretend as though the rates on catching. shiny from egg hatches or raids is any better than out in the wild. At least in the wild you can find a nest and keep checking as many pokemon as there are spawns around you.

Either way, this is going to take some effort from the player since Shiny Pokemon can be a pain to get, though we’re sure fans will appreciate seeing Pikachu wearing a flower crown before finally getting that Shiny.

Shiny Bunnelby isn’t the only Pokemon fans will be able to see in the wild, as Niantic confirmed that Exeggcute, Marill, Plusle, Minun, Buneary, and other Pokemon wearing flower crowns will also be available.

That’s a lot of Pokemon to catch for players and we’re sure that they will enjoy this event, thanking Niantic by buying some items with real-life money.

Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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