Pokemon GO Shiny Castform (Rainy) guide: How to Catch Shiny Castform

Pokemon GO’s first weather week brings with it a chance of catching new Shiny Pokemon for the first time, and one of them is Shiny Castform.

This weather week features rain, so naturally, Pokemon GO’s Shiny Castform is in its rainy form.

Thanks to the weather week event, you won’t have to wander around in the rain trying to find rainy Castform.

Once the weather week ends, though, the only way to find Rainy Castform is when it’s raining in your area.

So bring plenty of Lures and your rain gear if you’re intent on catching Shiny Castform in the rain.

After catching Shiny Castform, it won’t change form even when the weather changes, unlike in mainline Pokemon games.

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Pokemon GO Shiny Castform (Rainy) guide: How to catch shiny Castform

Shiny Castform has a higher chance of appearing from March 24 through March 29.

Whenever you try Shiny Castform hunting, though, success comes down entirely to luck.

Unlike mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon GO doesn’t include Shiny chaining.

Battling multiple Pokemon of the same type won’t increase your chance of that Pokemon being Shiny, at least not yet.

Stock up on Lures and Incense, and start catching.

The only way to tell if a Pokemon is Shiny is catching it, since they won’t appear as different colors until captured.

After the weather week event, try breeding Castform.

You’re just as likely to get Shiny Castform from an Egg as you are finding one in the wild.

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