Pokemon GO Shiny Bunnelby Guide: How To Catch Shiny Bunnelby And Evolve To Shiny Diggersby

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Having Shiny Pokemon is a bit of a flex.

Depending on the Pokemon itself, they aren't too common to get.

We're going to lead you through getting a Shiny Bunnelby.


Do you want a Shiny Diggersby? No problem, we've got that covered too.

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Shiny Bunnelby Guide

Shiny Pokemon aren't the easiest to come by.

It's pretty much a matter of luck when it comes to getting your hands on a Shiny Bunnelby.

Where To Find Shiny Bunnelby

Shiny Bunnelby can be found in the wild like many Pokemon.


They can also be found through Raids and 2km Eggs.

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How To Evolve Shiny Bunnelby To Shiny Diggersby

If you're wanting a Shiny Diggersby, we've got you.

Get a Shiny Bunnelby through the above methods.


Check how much candy it takes to evolve Shiny Bunnelby.

If you have enough select it and your Pokemon should change.

Otherwise, you should be able to find Diggersbys wandering about in the wild.