Pokemon Go: Niantic Hints At Level Cap Increase

Niantic is teasing the possibility of a new level cap for Pokemon Go players to reach.

The game's current cap of 40 appears likely to change, with devs previously noting that it wouldn't simply be a new XP threshold to hit.

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Pokemon Go: Niantic Hints At Level Cap Increase

In a cryptic tweet, the developer shared the following:

Level 40 cap? 🤔
— Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp)
November 17, 2020

Dataminers had already spotted references to a potential level 50 cap earlier this year, with suggestions there would be new "Level Up Quests" added to the game.

These would require players to complete a set number of tasks, presumably either rewarding large XP gains or simply pushing players up a level entirely.

Of course, with each level comes an increase in the required amount of XP, so it's likely that the new levels could represent a hefty grind.

With rumours around Gen VI Pokemon and these bits of code, it all points to a hefty update for the mobile RPG.

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