Pokemon Go Gen 6: When will we hear about Pokemon X and Y monsters being added to Niantic's mobile game?

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Pokemon Go seems to get bigger every year since launching in 2016, with the augmented-reality mobile app seemingly getting fresh updates and events week on week.

With a huge amount of Pokemon to catch, fans just can't get enough – and have been wondering when we'll be getting the next batch added.


Here's what we know about Pokemon Go's sixth generation of Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go: Gen 6 Pokemon

For those that don't know, each set of mainline Pokemon games ushers in a new generation of monsters. The first generation kicked off with Pokemon Red and Blue (or Green, for Japanese gamers), while Pokemon Sword and Shield represent the eighth generation.


With Pokemon Go already having hit the first five, many are wondering when Pokemon X and Y creatures will be added to the mobile game.

New generations have been added on an almost yearly basis, usually in waves. With that in mind, we'd expect at least some Pokemon from X or Y to make the jump to our world within the next few months.

With the current Coronavirus epidemic, though, Niantic's plans for the game's new monsters could shift dramatically.

With Pokemon Battle League the current hot topic of conversation, we'll hopefully find out more soon.