Pokemon GO Medicham: Best Moveset For PVP - Is Medicham Any Good

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Medicham might not seem like an obvious pick at first for players who get into Pokemon GO PVP battles. However, as players continue to rank up, Medicham will appear more frequently, and it's not by coincidence.

As a dual-type Psychic and Fighting Pokemon, Medicham has proven to be especially powerful in the Pokemon GO battle league. The Pokemon shines in Great League, and more recently in the Great League Remix due to so many top picks being removed. With the addition of XL candy, Medicham has only climbed.

For the fast attack, Counter is the best pick on Medicham. It doesn't generate as much energy as Psycho Cut, but it does far more damage overall. Counter also has more potential to take down some of the top picks in the Great League.


When choosing a Charge Attack, Dynamic Punch should be the main priority. Just like Counter, the Fighting-type attack does some great damage for a very quick charge time. It will also take down pokemon like Bastiodon and Umbreon quickly.

A second charge attack would be Ice Punch, which is of course an Ice-type move. It's not always as useful as Dynamic Punch, but it gives Medicham an even stronger set of versatility. When going up against Pokemon like Altaria, Ice Punch is an invaluable move.

What is Medicham weak to in Pokemon GO

Unlike so many other Fighting-type Pokemon, Medicham does not need to worry about Psychic-type Pokemon. It's a massive advantage in the Great League Remix,

The three major type weaknesses to look out for are Fairy, Flying, and Ghost. It makes Pokemon like Azumaril or even Skarmory a dangerous opponent, but Medicham can go toe to toe with many other matchups in Pokemon GO.