Pokemon GO: How to Get Dragalge

Dragalge is available in Pokemon GO for the first time with the launch of Rivals' Week in the game. It might take some time to obtain a Dragalge, but the process is luckily fairly easy.

Dragalge is the second and final evolution of Skrelp, which of course also made a debut in Pokemon GO. In order to get a Dragalge, players need to catch a handful of Skrelps. How many will depend on whether or not players decide to use Pinap berries, which give double candy for the caught Pokemon.

Overall, it takes 50 Skrelp candy to evolve a Skrelp into a Dragalge. That's about 17 Skrelps without berries or without transferring any extra Pokemon.

How to find Skrelp and evolve it into Dragalge in Pokemon GO

During Rivals' Week, finding Skrelp will be fairly easy compared to after the event ends. For now, players can wander around in the wild to find enough Skrelp, which will lead to the Dragalge that players want. Using incense and walking around populated areas will give players a higher chance of finding Skrelp.

Players can also take out Skrelp in raids if they want to speed up the process. The Poison and Water-type Pokemon will only appear in one-star raids, so they can be taken out solo. A raid Skrelp will also only give 3 candy for a Dragalge, unless a berry is used.

Until further notice, there is also no way to get a shiny Skrelp or Dragalge, so players shouldn't hold their breath when looking for one. For now, focusing on getting enough candy for Dragalge is the key in Pokemon GO.

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