Pokemon GO Gible Community Day: Everything Players Need To Know

Nearly two weeks ago, the Gible was briefly announced as the community day Pokemon for the month of June in Pokemon GO. With June so close, all the details for the Gible community day are finally out.

The Gible Community Day in Pokemon GO is set to begin on June 6, 2021. Players can begin catching Gible around the map at 11 am local time and the event will end at 5 pm local time.

Anytime before or during the event, players can spend $1 to acquire the Gible Community Day research ticket. Purchasing the ticket provides Pokemon GO players with an exclusive Special Research story, which is called Just a Nibble.

Players who do not purchase the ticket are still able to participate in the Gible Community Day, but they won't have the same tasks. Buying the ticket typically gives players more encounters and far more candy so that they end up with a few evolutions.

Bonuses during the Gible Community Day event in Pokemon GO

During the Gible Community Day event, the Pokemon will of course be spawning all over the place for six hours straight. It gives players ample time to catch all the Gibles they need for a Garchomp evolution. Finding a shiny is usually a guarantee if players are diligent during the event.

The six-hour window will also have some benefits. Evolving Gabite will guarantee an Earth Power move for Garchomp. An additional 3x catch XP bonus and three-hour incense will also be active during the event.

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