Pokemon GO: How To Get Shiny Swablu and Altaria

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Swablu Community Day in Pokemon GO has been live around the world, and players have had plenty of chances to get a shiny Altaria.

With most shiny Pokemon, there isn't a guaranteed way to get a shiny Swablu or Altaria. Getting one is all up to chance when it's broken down, but that doesn't mean players can't increase those odds. As long as Swablu is available to catch, there is a chance. Players will know when they find one due to the very yellow tint of shiny Swablu.


The best way to get shiny Swablu and Altaria at the moment would be to participate in the community day event which went live on May 15. Community Day events typically guarantee a ton of encounters with the featured Pokemon and the chance of a shiny. That's no different for Swablu and Altaria in Pokemon GO.

How to increase the chances of a shiny Swablu and Altaria in Pokemon GO

If players are looking for a shiny Swablu and Altaria after the community day ends, there is no need to worry, they will still be available in Pokemon GO. However, it may be harder to find.

Events in the future will almost certainly feature Swablu and Altaria to a certain degree, and when they do, preparing can mean finding a shiny. Using items such as Pokestop lures or Incense items will attract more Swablu to the location, and the same rule applies to the community day.


Walking or traveling to more populated areas that have more Pokestops will also increase the amount of spawns. When Swablu and Altaria are part of a future event, or the community day, spawns will in turn be far more common. When completing field research as well, there is always a chance to get a shiny Swablu in Pokemon GO.