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Phasmophobia Spirit Box: How To Use And What Questions To Ask Ghosts

Phasmophobia has everyone gripping their mouses way too tight.

It recently released on Steam as a co-op multiplayer where you have to ghost hunt with friends.

You can actually speak to the ghosts when investigating them.

One of the ways is by using the Spirit Box.

Here's how to use it!

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How to Use the Spirit Box


The Spirit Box is one of the items that can be purchased to hunt ghosts in Phasmophobia.

It can be used to gather evidence and figure out a ghost type.

If it's your first time playing you probably have no idea how to use it.

The Spirit Box is meant to be able to reach the ghost and allow them to communicate.

When using it you might hear random words.

Find the ghost's room, the place where most activity takes place.

The player who has the Spirit Box has to go into the room, usually on their own.

All lights should be out but candles are okay.

Depending on the ghost, these conditions may vary and they might be present with a group.


To use the Spirit Box, equip it and right-click or right trigger on the controller.

This will turn the box on.

Now simply talk to the ghost, ask questions from the list below.

The response you get doesn't really matter, as long as you get one as it counts as evidence.

If you hear nothing then there's no use for the Spirit Box in your current game.


  • Are there any ghosts?
  • Are you happy?
  • Are you here all the time?
  • Are you male/female?
  • Are you the only one here?
  • Are you waiting?
  • Can I ask you a question?
  • Can we speak?
  • Can you make a sound?
  • Can you speak to us?
  • Can you speak?
  • Do something.
  • Do you know who we are?
  • Do you want us to leave?
  • Give us a sign.
  • Is there anyone here?
  • Is there anyone with me?
  • Is there anything I can do?
  • Is this you’re home?
  • Knock on something.
  • Let us know you are here.
  • Make a noise.
  • Make a sound.
  • May I ask you?
  • Open a door.
  • Open the door.
  • Open this door.
  • Scream.
  • Show us.
  • Show us your presence.
  • Talk to me.
  • Talk to us.
  • Throw something.
  • Turn on/off the light.
  • We are friends.
  • We mean you no harm.
  • We would like to speak to you.
  • Would you like to talk?

Questions sourced from AOTF.