Atlus Releases New Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Fight Trailer

Atlus debuted a new Persona 4 Arena Ultimax trailer ahead of the port's release on modern consoles this March. It showcases some of the things players can expect in its fighting system.

The new Fight Trailer featured a handful of characters from Persona 4, Persona 3, and the original Arena Ultimax game matched in the 2D-fighting style setup Arc System Works is known for. It's not just a straight-up brawler, though. Each character has plenty of special skills with over-the-top animations, as you'd expect from a Persona game.

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Atlus Releases New Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Fight Trailer

"The stakes are Ultimate, the tension is Maximum, the fight is…the ULTIMAX! Experience the latest entry into the beloved Persona 4 series with a thrilling fighting twist. Join the heroes as they combat an army of Shadows in the P-1 CLIMAX" the official description reads.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a sort of sequel to both Persona 3 and Persona 4 and sees the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad return alongside the Investigation Team to face a deadly new threat.

The game's official Japanese website revealed some of the game modes coming to Arena Ultimax: Golden Arena Mode, Arcade Mode or Story Mode, Network Mode (online mode), Score Attack Mode, Gallery Mode, Challenge Mode, Lesson Mode, and Versus Mode. The game will be available for PS4, Switch, and PC on March 17.

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