Dragon Quest X Offline Delayed in Japan, Western Fans Wait Longer For a (Possible) Port

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After years of seeing Dragon Quest X and wanting to take part in the action, Western fans were more than excited to hear about Dragon Quest X Offline, a game that would finally let them play this supposedly legendary game without the trappings that come with an MMORPG.

Sadly, not only does Dragon Quest X Offline not have a Western release date, as of this writing, but the game has also been delayed from its original Japanese launch as well, now scheduled for Summer 2022 instead of its planned February 26, 2022 date.

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Dragon Quest X Offline Delayed in Japan, Western Fans Wait Longer For a (Possible) Port

The news of Dragon Quest X Offline’s delay was revealed by producer Takuma Shiraiishi, via Yahoo! News Japan, claiming that the JRPG’s release date was changed so that the game would release in a more polished state and that the game’s sheer size has made development harder.

Considering how Dragon Quest X Offline is a game that is going to retell the story of an MMORPG that is several years old and has a number of expansion packs to its name, we can imagine how difficult the process is, though it would be great if they announced a worldwide release one of these days.

Delays are nothing new in the video game industry so this one for Dragon Quest X Offline isn’t anything special, but the fact that other AAA games have been rushed to meet a deadline with numerous bugs at launch makes us appreciate this move more and we hope other publishers do this in the future.

Japanese players will be getting Dragon Quest X Offline for the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Summer 2022, with no definitive release date for the West as of this writing.

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