Court Documents Reveal What Epic Games Paid To Secure Those "Free" Weekly Games

So far during the Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit , we've gotten some widespread revelations. Between PlayStation 5 VR offers for cross-play, Borderlands 3's hefty exclusivity payout, Rocket League's upcoming plans and more, we also know what Epic's been paying for their weekly Epic Games Store freebies.

As one of the store's biggest ways to draw in new players, many will be familiar with these weekly free giveaways, which has gone from Lego Batman to Subnautica. Within these court documents, a list appeared detailing what Epic Games paid each publisher to get them up for free, covering until September 2019.

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Court Documents Reveal What Epic Games Paid To Secure Those "Free" Games

As you might expect, there's a consistent trend where larger publishers got a bigger payout for these promotional offers, and indies got considerably less. Batman Arkham Trilogy comes in as the most expensive at $1.5m, Subnautica at $1.4m, while Mutant Year Zero cost $1m.

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On the other end of the scale, Metro 2033 Redux didn't cost a penny, RIME was $45k, and several others only reached $50k. Altogether, this initiative cost them $11,658,000 for that period, and you can also see how many new Epic users this brought in.

As for this week's free offer, you can pick up Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms until Thursday 6th May, a Dungeons & Dragons strategy game. After that, open-world action adventure game Pine will become available in the following week.

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