Epic Games Offered To Make Sony A PS5 VR Launch Game During Cross-Play Dispute

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Epic Games' lawsuit with Apple has opened the floodgates on numerous revelations. With their legal battle landing in court yesterday, we've had news about Borderlands 3, Rocket League and Fortnite so far. It's also put a spotlight back to 2018, when Epic Games were pushing hard for cross-platform multiplayer.

For years, Sony were notoriously restrictive about allowing it on the PlayStation 4, even when Nintendo and Microsoft were allowing players to join up across Xbox One and Switch. Fortnite became a major point of contention, and as part of the current court documents, they made an offer towards Sony's then unannounced PlayStation VR successor.


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Epic Games Offered To Make Sony A PS5 VR Game During Cross-Play Dispute

Within an email exchange between Epic Games Vice President of Business Development, Joe Kreiner, and Sony’s Senior Director of Developer Relations, Gio Corsi, Joe is seen stating: "Epic’s willing to explore more items,” the email reads, “maybe we commit to a game at the launch of your next VR platform?


Adding to this, Epic offered Sony some pretty favourable terms in getting cross-platform multiplayer agreed. That includes co-operating with PS Plus giveaways, extending the favourable terms of their Unreal Engine 4 licence, and letting Sony decide the terms of this announcement.

Ultimately, Sony relented and have since allowed widespread adoption for cross-play, but these emails certainly highlight the struggle in getting there.