Payday 3 LEAKS: Release Date, Platforms, Trailer, Engine, And Everything We Know

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Payday 3, the next instalment in the popular heist series, has been unveiled.

We'd say revealed, but the game was actually announced in 2016, and it's a bit of a miracle that it's even coming at all. 

In 2018, Starbreeze filed for bankruptcy, but the team managed to add more content to Payday 2 last year - despite the game launching in 2013, and the game will be published by Koch Media.

Latest News - E3 2021

June 10 - The official Key Art appears to have been revealed during Summer Games Fest 2021 ahead of E3 2021.

You can take a look below:

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Release Date

Payday 3 is launching in 2023, according to Starbreeze.


Given that Payday 2 is available on all platforms, we'd expect the third game to at least aim for console and PC.

The latter seems a certainty, especially given the strong Steam community that exists.

Starbreeze has confirmed it'll come to consoles, at least, but stopped short of confirming which ones.

Payday 3 Location Setting

According to Venturebeat, Payday 3 will take place in Hollywood. Payday 2 had players robbing banks in Washington D.C. so it should make for a nice change.

What Is Payday 3?

Ever watched Point Break and thought "man, robbing banks looks so cool when Swayze does it?".

The Payday franchise is like that, in many ways. Players rob banks, jewellery stores, drug dens and more in teams of up to four players.

You'll "case" locations, walking in and scoping out security (which is often switched around from match to match), before looking to restrain hostages and security, crack open a safe, and make it out with the loot.

It's tense, and when the bullets fly it can be chaotic, but there's nothing quite like it.

Here's what game director Erik Wonnevi had to say at a recent press event (thanks, VGC):

The Payday universe has an ongoing narrative that has been created over the years.
The Gang has built a reputation by going after the highest-profile targets, setting up some of the craziest heist plans and going up against some of the most powerful of enemies. And through all of this, the Gang keeps coming out on top.
In their exploits, the Gang has become, as they call it, the tightest crew ever. The wider criminal underworld of Payday lives its own life where movers and shakers want a piece of the action, or a piece of the Payday Gang.
In the Gang’s life of crime they are way past the point of no return, and as we look ahead for what’s to come, the gang will learn that there’s no rest for the wicked.


Alas, no trailers just yet.

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