Paralives: Release Date, Trailer, Price, Gameplay, Platforms, Patreon News, Building, Character Customisation, Pets And Latest Game Updates

If you're reading this you're probably tired of waiting for The Sims 5.

You may have heard of Paralives! an upcoming life simulation game which could knock The Sims off of its pedestal.

We are so excited to see what the future holds for this game, for now, let's look at what's been confirmed.

Keep reading to find out absolutely everything we know about Paralives.

This title is still in early development and we will continue to update this piece as more information is released.

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Release Date

Due to the title being so bare-bones at the moment there's currently no specific release date.

We're hoping to see it launch possibly in early development this year or in 2022 but that's just being hopeful.

As more information is released about Paralives we'll be sure to keep you updated so watch this space!


The video below is a sort of montage of some of the content released by the team.

At the moment this is the closest thing we have to a trailer!


The price is to be announced!

According to the FAQ, it won't be a free-to-play game.

The team will release free content updates over time and there could even be some DLCs.


So far we haven't seen much in terms of gameplay.

Although, the below video gives an idea to player of just how in-depth the team are going in terms of what Parafolk can do.


The game has been confirmed for release on Steam for PC and Mac.

According to the FAQ page, at the moment there are no plans to bring the game to console.

The question "Will Paralives be available on consoles?" is listed.

They responded with "There are no plans for console versions at the moment."

Hopefully, these plans will change in the future.

System Requirements

There are no specific system requirements yet.

The team said, "We are working on optimizing the game to make it run on laptops and lower-end computers."

"Specifications will become available as we get closer to the alpha version of the game."

From the sounds of it, you won't be needing to get an upgrade any time soon to run Paralives.

Patreon News

Unlike many games, Paralives is entirely backed by the community in terms of finances.

They have a massive amount of supporters for an independent project.

Due to Patreon pledges, the team has been able to recruit more people and speed up development time.

You'll also earn a bunch of rewards too, you can even get a townie version of yourself added to the game in the highest tier!

They post a bunch of stuff like exclusive development updates, polls, surveys and more.

Joining their Patreon will unlock access to the private Discord channels, in-game rewards and you can even receive postcards from time to time.

Click here to head to their Patreon and support this incredible project!

The video below gives you a bit of a rundown courtesy of Léa the Paralives £D Artist!


Below you can find a selection of views showcasing the Paralives build abilities.

The team have pretty-much delivered everything that those in The Sims community have been begging for for years.

Curved walls, extendable windows, colour wheels, resizing and more!

The interface looks super flexible and we can't wait to see it in action.

You can even choose which side you want your toilet paper facing!

Creating And Editing Lots

Curved Walls And Split-Levels

Windows And Curtain Resizing

Colour Wheel, Window Seats And Kitchen Customisation

Resize, Stack and Flip Objects

Customizable Bed

"Choose Your Side" Attention To Detail

Character Customisation

We're expecting a more in-depth look at the Paramaker sometime soon.

So far we have the below videos to give us an idea of what's to come.

You can even have mismatched socks! Realistic or what?

Maggie Customisation

Sebastian Customisation

Hair Colour

Clothing Customisation


PETS! Yes, they will be in the game and we are over the moon.

So far the pets that have been confirmed are:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Horses

Check out this adorable pup creator Alex Massé posted to Twitter!

Of course!
— Alex Massé 🏘️ (@_amasse)
June 29, 2019

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