Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020: Release Date Confirmed For Christmas Event, Modes, Skins, Map Changes And More

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Overwatch is no stranger to seasonal events, take this year's Halloween Terror as an example.

As the year comes to a close Winter Wonderland will make an appearance.

This event revolves around Christmas and with it comes a load of new additions to the game.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Winter Wonderland including events/modes, skins, map changes and more.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020

Winter Wonderland is a Christmas-themed seasonal event.

With the event comes new co-op modes, map reskins and of course some festive skins.

As with previous Winter Wonderlands, items such as skins, emotes, voice lines and sprays can be found in the new festive loot boxes.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020 Confirmed Latest News

A new teaser trailer posted on 12 December 2020 to the PlayOverwatchEU Twitter account has now confirmed the return of the Christmas event.

"Freeze! Overwatch Winter Wonderland is coming December 15!" a tweet from the games account reads.

It's also accompanied by a brief clip that shows Mei's small robot hovering over some eggs near the Christmas tree on the Antarctica map.

Mei's robot Snowball is dressed like a penguin. Could this be a sign that Mei is primed for a new Legendary Skin? Perhaps dressed as a big penguin? We sure hope so. 

Take a look at the new trailer, just below.

Freeze!Overwatch Winter Wonderland is coming December 15! pic.twitter.com/BAeH16PfFp
— Overwatch (@OverwatchEU)
December 12, 2020

Release Date

The event will be going live on the 15th of December.

Here are the times the update should release.

  • US Pacific Time - 11 am
  • US Mountain Time - 12 am
  • US Central Time - 1 pm
  • US Eastern Time - 2 pm
  • United Kingdom - 7 pm
  • Russia - 10 pm
  • Germany - 8 pm
  • Singapore - 3 am
  • China - 3 am
  • Japan - 4 am
  • Australia - 6 am
  • New Zealand - 8 am


With the seasonal event comes the modes we all love.

Mei's Snowball Offensive should make a return, as should Yeti Hunter.

Mei's Snowball Offensive

This is an arcade game mode which only makes an appearance during the Christmas event.

In this mode, each team has six players and they must all play as Mei.

All hits that land are lethal and Mei's gun can only hold one snowball at a time.

Once this ball is used you'll have to run round to the snow piles and reload.

Mei's ultimate has been changed to give her unlimited ammo and an increased rate of fire.

There are five rounds to battle it out!

Yeti Hunter

Another arcade game mode, the Yeti Hunter.

In this mode, it will be five against one.

The team of five will have to play as Mei and the 'Yeti' will have to play as Winston.

Mei's ultimate is now almost identical to Junkrat's steel trap, though it will take five seconds to arm and is called a Yeti Trap.

The goal is to either eliminate the Meis while playing as Winston or vice versa.

Winter Mystery

This mode is basically identical to Mystery Heroes apart from the map.

The game is locked to two maps only, being the Hanamura and King's Row reskins.

Read more about the map reskins further down!


Winter Wonderland 2020 is live and with that comes the new holiday skins.

The heroes below have been gifted a skin this Christmas!

  • Reinhardt (Conductor)
  • Moira (Ice Empress)
  • Torbjorn (Lumberjack)
  • Mei (Penguin)
  • Zenyatta (Toybot)
  • Junkrat (Elf)
  • Roadhog (Frosty)
  • Ana (Gingerbread)

Legendary Winter Wonderland 2020 Skins

Reinhardt Conductor Skin

expand image

Moira Ice Empress Skin

expand image

Torbjorn Lumberjack Skin

expand image

Mei Penguin Skin

expand image

Zenyatta Toybot Skin

expand image

Epic Winter Wonderland 2020 Skins

Junkrat Elf Skin

expand image

Roadhog Frosty Skin

expand image

Ana Gingerbread Skin

expand image

Map Changes

The Winter Wonderland event brings a festive feel.

One of the best ways it does this is through map reskins.

As with previous Christmas events, we should see limited time reskins of the King's Row and Hanamura maps.

Get ready for lots of twinkly lights, snow and Christmas trees!

These reskins will replace normal maps in all game modes until the seasonal event ends.

We will be updating this piece as more information is revealed so be sure to check back.

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