Overwatch: Has Winter Wonderland Been Delayed?

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It's not uncommon for developers to celebrate holidays in-game.

This can be done through events, Overwatch is no stranger to them!


Winter Wonderland is Blizzard's way of celebrating the Christmas holidays in their FPS title.

Players have been waiting for an announcement but so far no word has come from the team.

Here's what we know.

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Has Winter Wonderland Been Delayed?

There's been no news yet on Winter Wonderland.

Usually, Blizzard will at least announce an event 24 hours beforehand.

Maybe they intend to reveal it a day before and that's why we haven't heard anything yet.


Many players are speculating that the event will launch next Tuesday, on the 15th, like in this Reddit post.

This is due to the fact Overwatch events have gone live on Tuesdays previously.

As this Tuesday has already passed the next speculation would be the 15th.

This would also mean the event would run until the 5th of January, staying true to previous event dates (see below for the previous durations for Winter Wonderland).

  • Winter Wonderland 2016 started on 13 December, 2016, and ended on 2 January, 2017.
  • Winter Wonderland 2017 started on 12 December, 2017, and ended on 1 January, 2018.
  • Winter Wonderland 2018 started on 11 December, 2018, and ended on 2 January, 2019.
  • Winter Wonderland 2019 started on 10 December, 2019, and ended on 2 January, 2020.

For now, we can't do much but sit and wait to find out.

The event may have been delayed due to the current pandemic, which is understandable as many games have suffered in that regard.

For now, why don't you check out our article on everything you need to know about Winter Wonderland? You can read it by clicking here.