Overwatch 2's New Director Outlines Plans For Post-Launch Updates

Jeff Kaplan only left Blizzard just last week, but his successor Aaron Keller isn't wasting time in establishing himself to his new role. Having previously been Overwatch's assistant director, Aaron has now been promoted to creative director, and he's outlined his plans for the upcoming sequel.

Speaking to Gamespot in his first interview as director, Aaron laid out his vision for the game's future. Advising that he "wants the game to feel like it has a constant heartbeat", they're already planning out the next steps after Overwatch 2's launch.

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Overwatch 2's New Director Outlines Plans For Post-Launch Updates

Elaborating further, Aaron explained: "We have a lot of big plans for what live content will look like for Overwatch 2. I think our value is to put as much time and resources as we can into updating the live game and making it always feel new, fresh, and substantial."

As part of this, he confirms they're planning more regular content updates, going beyond the current scope of seasonal events. As for what that'll include, this is still being determined, and Aaron states that they couldn't "really speak to exactly what will be in there" at this time.

Considering we don't have a solid release date yet, it's unsurprising these details are a bit light, but we'll keep you informed as we learn more.

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