Outriders Wreckage Zone Chest Locations Guide

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Locating chests in Outriders is an essential part of the game and grants players the capacity to beef up their characters with weapon and skill add-ons.

The Wreckage Zone, which is one of the locations in the game has plenty of chests to be tracked in this massive space. To help you find them all, we've pulled together a list of all chest locations in Outriders Wreckage Zone.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:

Table of Contents

Control Tower Chest Locations

The Control Tower in Wreckage Zone has a chest that can be obtained by going on the left-hand side of the control room.


Scavenged Factory Chest Locations

In this area, the chest is placed inside a small room at the bottom-left part of the vicinity. Players just need to go to a broken structure set at the highest feat. They will then be led in front of a smaller broken structure, and the chest awaits beside it.

Bloodsoaked Fort Chest Locations

There are 3 chests here in Bloodsoaked Fort. One is located up the wooden steps at the very back of the area, one is at the end of the wooden trench at the back on the left, and one is below the beginning upper area.

Polluted Outpost Chest Locations

The first chest in Wreckage Zone's Polluted Outpost can be seen inside the bunker of the upper level. This is also the location where players need to find the key as part of the "Mentor" main quest. The other chest however is outside this area, but going through the winding path from the exit of Polluted Post is necessary for this one.

Explorer Flag Chest Locations

One chest can be found around the corner from the Explorer Flag. Grabbing it could be a gamechanger so players may head to its location immediately.


Irradiated Shore Chest Locations

Entering the Irradiated Shore area will grant players a chest - just right of the entrance. Another one can be found in this location, but players need to go further as it is found inside a small tunnel on the right-hand side which is just past the broken bridge.

Hidden Cavern Chest Locations

One chest can be found inside the Hidden Cavern near the Irradiated Shore. So heading there after nabbing the chests from the latter would be advisable.

Secluded Homestead Chest Locations

In the Secluded Homestead, a chest is present inside the cabin behind the ammo crate. Additionally, as players exit the area, another chest can be obtained. Players just need to look for a red metal gate towards the right and make a left-turn from there. A huge wooden door can be seen once players reach it.

Infested Oreyard Chest Locations

Players need to go to a manmade cave against the wall by the crates, and a chest can be found here.


Derelict Mine Chest Locations

Two chests are technically placed in Wreckage Zone's Derelict Mine and may be found as a part of the 'A Heart of Gold" main quest. One chest can be located in a cave behind the platform where the ore is, and the other is in another cave just past the ore vein. Then at the end of the tunnel which is the exit from Derelict Mine, a chest may be found as well which is considered as an outside part already of the vicinity - and the deeper or external part of Crevice.

Cleanwater Springs Chest Locations

Crevice, the north part of the Cleanwater Springs area, houses a chest. Players may go to this location to find a chest in the pool of water, just before the exit.

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