Outriders The Stronghold Chest Locations Guide

Outriders is packed with loot chests spread all around the game's massive map.

The Stronghold location in Outriders contains a grand total of 8 chests to be found.

To help you find these chest locations, we've pulled together this guide with a full list to help you locate all the chests in the Quarry.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:

Stronghold Entrance

Four chests can be obtained in the Stronghold Entrance. One can be nabbed by going through a staircase in a northeast direction, and another chest is in a northwest direction (must also be reached through a staircase).

The remaining two chests involve the rushing water in the area. One is directly on the ground, and the other is inside a room which can be located after going to an open area surrounded by burning fire and huts.

Tooka Groove

A chest is placed behind a green rock in this area. Heading towards a northwest direction can help players navigate towards the loot chest easier.

Another one can be seen in a dark cage also set in a northwest direction. Players just need to go to the path in order to find it.


Two chests are available in this location. One of which is down a waterfall towards a south direction, and the other is in a cage which can be found by going through a path towards rushing water.

Drenched Caverns

In this area, there are two chests up for grabs. The first one glows with blue light that is placed going to the right. The second one, on the other hand, is leaned towards the extreme left side of a cage. Go until the dead end and players should find the chest immediately.

Putrefying Quagmire

The first chest in this location may be grabbed by completing the side quest “Life’s Treasure.” The second one is placed in a cage heading northwest.

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