Outriders Side Quest Locations Guide

Outriders has a ton of side quests that can be completed by players to give some additional rewards and other sorts of bonuses to players all around the world of Enoch.

Better still you can still do all of them after the story in free roam.

To help you with that grind we have compiled the locations of all side quests in Outriders, and how to find them.

If you want you can keep track of how many quests you’ve completed you can do it under Accolades > Progression > Philanthropist.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:

Rift Town

There are four side quests in Rift Town. The first one, the Terra Infirma side quest, can be done by interacting with a steel door located near some merchants in the area. The Payback side quest on the other hand can be unlocked by talking to a woman named Audrey Storm who is on a hill. The A Bad Day side quest is located in the alley beside the vendor weapon named Gregor Ram. The quest will be given by Mr. Chang.

Additionally, after completing the main storyline, the 'Pour One Out' side quest will be unlocked by interacting with the door just beside the Explorer Flag.

First City

The first side quest in this area is called the Endless Dark. It can be unlocked by talking to the vendor at the camp named Dr. Zahedi. The second one is called No Place Like Home, which can be accessed by talking to Alfred McKellen who is just standing right at the front of the camp.

Eagle Peaks

Two side quests take place in Eagle Peaks. One of which is called the Divine Intervention that can be done by talking to Jocelyn Dunham. On the other hand, the Scientific Method side quest is also available once players talk to Dr. Zahedi who is located at the area’s entrance, sitting on a box.

Deadrock Pass

There are two side quests in the Deadrock Pass. The first one is A Free Market side quest that can be done by talking to Alastair Cullen in a building near the area’s camp.

The second one is called Nature’s Call which involves players interacting with a radio antenna. Players need to take note that they need to first unlock the Forestry Track explorer flag because a huge game bug might occur if he or she does not have it before doing so.

Trench Town

In Outriders’ Trench Town, four side quests may be done by players. First is the A Heart of Gold side quest which requires players to an old man named Greybeard who is at the right side of a bar. The second one is the Life’s Treasure side quest that can be done by talking to Atta Goldstein who is up the stairs beside the camp.

For the third side quest called Return Fire, players need to talk to Uijo inside the bar. While for the Outrider’s Legacy side quest, players should search for a hanged Outrider opposite the customization station.


The side quest Dying Wish is the only side quest in Quarry. Players must have a conversation with an injured man who is beside the River Bed fast travel location.

Forest Enclave

The first side quest in Forest Enclave is the Predator to Prey which assigns players to talk to Juno Pascal who is in the Enclave Outskirts. Once players are successful in doing this, they will be rewarded with an Epic Gear.

The second side quest is called Rigging the Game. Players should talk to Mercer Acosta who is at the Enclave camp.

The Stronghold

The Stronghold’s only side quest is called the Other Ingredient. Players must talk to Juno Pascal who is at the camp.

Ancient Ruins

Like The Stronghold, only one side quest is present in this location. Called Old Powers, this side quest requires players to talk to Dr. Zahedi who is at the camp.

The Gate

This area’s side quest is called Unknown Presence. Players should talk to the Wanderer in order to unlock this quest. But players must first complete Retaliation before doing so.


Two side quests are available in this area. One of which is called Pour One Out and needs players to interact with a door near to the Rift Town fast travel location.

The other one is called Shepherds of Enoch, in which players should interact with the altar at the camp.

Desolate Fort

In Desolate Fort, the side quest Big Iron is feasible by talking to Channa in the camp.

Canyon of the Grand Obelisk

There are two side quests in this location. But the first one, called the Forgotten Chapel, is a secret quest. Players should first activate the three Forgotten Chapel pillars in the area. Once players have done all of these, they should unlock the Forgotten Chapel Door. A guaranteed Legendary Weapon awaits players as a reward.

The other side quest is called Turning Point. Players should talk to the Wanderer to unlock it. But they should keep in mind that they must complete first the Unknown Presence and Sacrifice.

Pax City

The game’s final side quest is at the Pax City, called Sins of our Fathers. Players should interact with the chains right beside the Slaughtergrounds explorer flag. Another thing they should note is that it could only be available after completing Babylon, as well as the side quest Turning Point.

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