Outriders Rift Town Journal Locations Guide

Outriders is packed with Collectibles and hidden items to pick up as you progress.

One such collectible that you'll need to be grabbing as you play is journals, which is tricky since there's just so many of them. Hopefully that's where we can come in and help with this guide.

The Rift Town location in Outriders contains a grand total of 11 journals to be collected.

To help you find these journals, we've pulled together this guide with a full list to help you locate each and every journal in Rift Town.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:

The Relocation

This journal can be found near the bottom of the steps at the spawn point. Players may go down to the stair, turn right after a smaller staircase, and it is placed just at the opposite side of the vendor.

Hound’s Note

The Hound’s Note is placed at the stairs down the Hound’s Base. It can be seen on the middle level, which is right next to a handful of burning oil barrels.

Flores Flight Reports

Players may be able to get this journal inside a cave area. To be exact, it can be found at the opposite side of the entrance to the area with the player stash or convoy, in the corner among some junk.

Feeding the Colony

Turning left as players exit the camp will direct them to this journal. It is located at the Defensive Parameter, up the stairs beside the gate.

The Coming End

Players may see this journal right beside a corpse next to the Ammo Crate and Explorer Flag at the crossroads.

Reiner’s Journal

This journal can be accessed once players enter the boss area or the Bunker Hills in Rift Town. A handful of boxes is placed on the hall’s left side, and players may find the journal there.

Eva’s Letter

Players may find this journal after the first combat area. It is kept inside a container to the left of the gate which is next to the next area and opposite to the Ammo Crate.

Barker’s Journal

This journal is placed inside Barker’s Hideout.

The Landing

Players mal look for this journal against the wall near the exit to the Defensive Perimeter. It is beside a propane tank.

Textile Manufacturing

This journal is set in a small passageway which is behind the wall. Players can access the corner of the area to do so.

Shira’s Journal

This journal is located down the steps beside the actual office of Shira. It is placed along with some wooden boxes.

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