Outriders Max Class Points: How Many Class Points Do You Get to Spend?

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In Outriders you’ll be constantly levelling up, earning Class Points as you do so. Class Points are vital for levelling up and specialising your build, allowing you to add new skills and bonuses to your output. You only get a certain amount to play with, so to make sure you know what you’re getting into we’ve put together this Outriders Max Class Points guide. Let’s take a look.

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Outriders Max Class Points

The maximum Class Points you’ll get in Outriders is currently 20. These are earned by levelling up your character. You’ll want to think about where you want to spend these points, with each of the four classes having different skill trees. You can reassign points whenever you want, so play around and experiment with different builds.

How to Spend Class Points

To spend Class Points in Outriders, head into your character menu and scroll along to the Class menu. From here you can upgrade skills by spending Skill Points. They act as upgrade paths, with subsequent nodes being unlocked as you spend. At the end of each path is a specialisation, giving you an idea as to what your fully upgraded build can do.


That’s all you need know about the max Class Points in Outriders. For help elsewhere, visit our Outriders Walkthrough. There’s also our look at the max World Tier and Character Level.

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