Outriders Pax City Chest Locations Guide

Several chests may be nabbed by players in Outriders Pax City area.

The Pax City location in Outriders contains a grand total of 8 chests to be found.

To help you find these chest locations, we've pulled together this guide with a full list to help you locate all the chests in Pax City.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:

Crimsonleaf Courtyard

One chest is at the end of the street in Crimsonleaf Courtyard. The chest is on a truck not far away from the area’s archways.

Central Square

In Central Square, there is a chest placed down the street to the left.

The Harbour

Two chests are placed in this location. One is on the upper level of the area, specifically beside the door that allows players to go to the next section. The other one awaits players on the small platform opposite the exit gate of The Harbour.

Palace Guardpost

A chest is in the corner of the square in this location. This can be accessed after locating the stone structure in the place itself.

Monroy’s Palace

This is the place in Pax City with the greatest number of chests, rounding up to four in total. The first one is placed directly in front of the entrance and at the foot of the statue. The second is on the rooftop area down the steps in the corner.

The other two chests are near the area’s exit. One is at the rooftop, while the other requires players to turn around and look for a flower bed to find it.

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