Outriders First City Journal Locations Guide

Outriders is packed with Collectibles and hidden items to pick up as you progress.

One such collectible that you'll need to be grabbing as you play is journals, which is tricky since there's just so many of them. Hopefully, that's where we can come in and help with this guide.

The First City location in Outriders contains a grand total of 11 journals to be collected.

To help you find these journals, we've pulled together this guide with a full list to help you locate each and every journal in First City.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:

Powering the Cryopods

This journal could be seen just outside the gate, specifically near a body beside the edge of the cliff. Players may find it quickly upon entering the area.


Once players may be able to begin the Dedication story quest, the Ironclad journal will automatically be obtained.

Landmark: Solar Panels

Players can locate the Landmark: Solar Panels journal just in the corner of the Anomaly Hilltop area. Once they reach the end of the location, the journal could be up for grabs.

Formation of the Outriders

This journal may be found if players may go to the location of a corpse of a dead Outrider against the wall.

The Outriders Revamped

Players should head to the bunker near the hanging men from the gallows. The journal is placed inside it.

Landmark: Radio Tower

Once players would enter the area from the Gallows, the journal is located more on the left side of the area itself.

Anna McKellen’s Journal

This journal could only be grabbed if players would finish the side quest No Place Like Home. Once the quest is done, the journal can then be collected by players.

Outriders Disbanded

Players could see the Outriders Disbanded journal under a body that is hanging from the Hangman’s Tree.

Setting Up the Colony

This journal is located inside an overgrown area on the upper level of the Container Plaza. Specifically, players may see this just across the bridge to the exit of the area.

The First Anomaly Storm

Just like the Setting Up the Colony journal, this journal is placed inside a small container on the upper level of the Container Plaza which is just across the bridge from the exit of the area.

The Storm’s Aftermath

This journal is located on a body beside the gate mechanism in the area’s Main Street.


In Main Street, the Exiles journal is located in the tower which is overlooking the drawbridge. Going against the wall would be the best direction to reach this one.

Jane Colm’s Journal

This journal could be found in an area off of Main Street – precisely in the open.

First Citizens

Players can get the First Citizens journal on the platform overlooking the Bridge explorer flag in the City Center.

Report on the Fungus

In Boglands, the Report on the Fungus journal is placed inside the Cryo Chamber found whenever players would do the Endless Dark side quest.

Mass Awakening

Players may secure this journal once they would go to the left of the entrance to the B2 lab, which is inclined to the Endless Dark side quest.


This journal is placed inside the medical facility off of Main Street and could be visited during the Endless Dark side quest.

Transfer Order

Like the Cryopods journal, this is also placed inside the medical facility off of Main Street while doing the Endless Dark side quest.

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