Outriders First City Chest Locations Guide

Outriders continues to go from strength to strength pulling in more fans every day. The new action third-person spectacle has a ton of elements that are long known as almost staples in the action genre.

It includes the presence of chests that may grant players boosts that can be maximized to strengthen one’s character. The First City, one of the earliest game areas is filled with chests. Players can head on to the area with a high chance of nabbing those. Keep reading for a list of chest locations in this area.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:

Boglands Chest Locations

There are two chests that can be seen within the First City’s Boglands area. One of which is inside a ruined building located before reaching the start of the cave tunnel. The second chest on the other hand can be seen on the right whenever players will exit the cave by getting through a fence overlooking the main area.

City Center Chest Locations

In the City Center, one chest is up for grabs. It is outside the truck garage that may be secured by players as they explore the area.

Main Street Chest Locations

One chest is available on Main Street. Players may be able to get it by going to the tower overlooking the drawbridge. Another one can be nabbed, although it is placed in an area off of Main Street, specifically on a platform overlooking the Hangman's Tree.

Hangman's Tree Chest Locations

A chest can be found in an alley by the water at Hangman's Tree. Players just need to turn right and follow a path set in some parts where there is water. After reaching the back of a courtyard, the chest can then be obtained.

Container Plaza Chest Locations

In First City's Container Plaza, players could head down the Ground level and look for a cage placed in the middle of the vicinity. A chest awaits for players that can go in here which can be reached in the easiest way by heading straight down the steps from the exit.

Outskirts Chest Locations

The first chest in this location is under the bridge that can be accessed via a dirt path heading to the southwest. The second one is in the corner of the two-story white building in this area.

Anomaly Hilltop Chest Locations

There are two chests in the Anomaly Hilltop. One is down the ramp near the entrance to the building, while the other one is up a ramp in the back corner of the area itself.

Power Plant Chest Locations

The Power Plant in First City hides a chest in the corner after the main combat area. Players may see it just before coming across the historical artifact.

Gallows Chest Locations

Two chests are available in this area. The first location is in a passage off the path to the right near where the Lore is found. The second is at the rear of the cabin with the ammo crate.

Radio Tower Chest Locations

The first chest in First City's Radio Tower can be obtained by heading to the 1st floor of the only two-story building in the area. The second chest, however, is on a platform of a higher location - to the right of the cable car.

Old Man's Hut Chest Locations

The Old Man's Hut houses a chest behind the container that may be seen by going to the dirt road placed on the area's left side.

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