Outriders Eagle Peaks Chest Locations Guide

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Eagle Peaks is one of the game areas in Outriders and like many other locations you will want to locate chests as you explore. A total of 16 chests can be obtained in the area.

Chests may drop weapons within a range of common up to the legendary tiers. This article lists all the chest locations in Outriders' Eagle Peaks area.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:

Mountain Ruins Chest Locations

Players may begin their quest to find chests in Eagle Peaks' Mountain Ruins. Heading near the mountain part of the area may lead them to the mutants players will meet in the "Inferno" main quest.

Lava Pits Chest Locations

Still in the "Inferno" quest, a chest can be located in the Lava Pits just before the first Perforo encounter set on a small plateau towards the left side of the main path. It glows in blue light that will give players 147 scraps.

Outpost Bunker Chest Locations

There is a chest placed in the Outpost Bunkers. Players who do the "Frequency" main quest may be able to obtain the chest in a high platform. So it is advisable to follow the staircase in this area to reach the target location. An amount of 150 scraps may be nabbed from the chest.

Snowy Plateau Chest Locations

Doing the "Frequency" main quest will also involve players heading down the Snowy Plateau area of Eagle Peaks. A flag can be considered as the nearest landmark to the location of the chest, so players must find it to grab the coveted prize.

Bunker Peak Chest Locations

Now, this is where the majority of the chests in Eagle Peaks can be found. One can be located in the area outside the bunker with the sliding windows to the left, down towards the edge of the cliff. There are also three chests at the peak - one near the blocked-off stairs and ammo crate, one placed down a small path also near an ammo crate, and another one near some rubble to the right of the cable car.

In the bunker, a chest can be obtained in the small valley between those, as well as another inside the bunker behind some crates. Outside it, two chests also await players on their way. The last chest in this area is placed towards a northeast direction from the bunker where players must climb down the path going to the right. A total of 8 chests are present in Bunker Peak - challenging but sweet.

Radio Tower Antenna Chest Locations

Two chests are within the vicinity of the Radio Tower Antenna. One is inside the large bunker which is near the back and in the open area. The other one sits right inside a small room in the middle of the cable car station bunker.


Mountainside Caves Chest Locations

The last chest in Eagle Peaks can be found in Mountainside Caves. It can be obtained in the area where players will fight an enemy in the "Hunter - Coldclaw" side quest.

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