Outriders Deadrock Pass Journal Locations Guide

Outriders is packed with Collectibles and hidden items to pick up as you progress.

One such collectible that you'll need to be grabbing as you play is journals, which is tricky since there's just so many of them. Hopefully, that's where we can come in and help with this guide.

The Deadrock Pass location in Outriders contains a grand total of 4 journals to be collected.

To help you find these journals, we've pulled together this guide with a full list to help you locate each and every journal in Deadrock Pass.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:

Alastair Cullen’s Journal

Once players reach the Deadrock Pass, they may get Alastair Cullen’s journal at the rear of the area itself which is beside the bridge.

The Crisis

This journal is located inside the small garage to the right of Deadrock Pass’ exit.

The Great Extinction

Players can find the Great Extinction journal on top of the tower in Deadrock Pass. In order to reach it faster, players may head up the large staircase to the right of the exit bridge.

A Joint Effort

This journal is on a body near the Forestry Track Explorer flag.

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