Outriders Deadrock Pass Chest Locations Guide

Outriders Deadrock Pass contains yet more quests for players to farm. Although this location may have only a few of those chests, they're all located within a stone's throw of each other.

To help you find these chest locations, we've pulled together this list to show you all of the chests in Deadrock Pass.

To make things really easy, you can also use this interactive map, just below:

Lumber Station Chest Locations

There are 3 chests located in this area in Dreadrock Pass. There is one against the cliff or behind some wooden bars, one in the wooden tower next to the gate, and one just right beside the exit of Lumber Station, precisely in front of a tree and before leaving Trench Town.

Lumber Mill Chest Locations

Just like the Lumber Station, 3 chests are also present in Lumber Mill. All of which are part of "A Free Market" side quest. One is in the outside area near the logging truck, one inside the circular tower, and the last one inside the jail cell area.

Bandit Camp Chest Locations

A chest inside the right part of a wooden building is the location of the one and only chest placed in the Bandit Camp of Dreadrock Pass.

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