Outriders Dev team fixing item wipe bug and giving players God roll items

The Outriders dev team is finally fixing the item-wipe bug

The Outriders Development Team recently announced on Reddit they will not only fix the bug that causes players' gear to be automatically erased, but they will also improve all lost items. That is excellent news for those affected because many players thought that all of their hard-earned loot might end up lost forever.

Some players couldn't play their main characters at all due to this glitch. Even though they have been in this situation for two weeks, many of the players who couldn't play with their characters are willing to continue waiting until the update is rolled out. There is no date set for the fix, but the team did promise to roll this out asap.

Original article about what to do about the bug: Outriders Inventory Wipe Bug Fix: What to Do If You Lose Your Inventory Items

The statement on Reddit about this bug was:

"Tl;dr: We're aiming to restore as many lost items and accolades as possible. Restored items will be god rolls. Characters encountering the "Couldn't Connect to Server" login error will no longer encounter this error once restoration is complete. Restoration testing is currently underway and we aim to provide an exact schedule for completed restorations ASAP."

Outriders fix includes upgrading all of the lost items with God Roll values

Players will have their returned gear upgraded to the highest possible equip level for the character and given God Roll values for the items' attributes. Consequently, all players who lost equipment will not only get it back, but a lot of it will probably be better than when they lost it.

The only thing players need to do is wait for the fix. Since the developers normally act quickly after posting on their subreddit, it shouldn't take very long.

The Outriders community deserves a bit of appreciation

Since the release of Outriders, it has been afflicted by numerous bugs and issues that continue to grow more and more problematic. One patch meant to fix a major sign-in glitch ended up introducing another one that randomly deleted players' items, known as the wipe bug. In the end, the sign-in bug still plagues players, so it was like the update worsened the game.

Despite all of these issues, Outriders continues to sell incredibly well, and its community is still strong. Fans have stayed only because of the quality of the game, but it is hard because they don't receive the dev support they deserve. It looked like the developers just wanted to nerf the game for a long time, and when they released updates, they only caused more trouble.

Another way to apologize for all that players have dealt with is the "Community Appreciation Package." This package contains Titanium, a legendary weapon, and a "frustration" emote. Those who have played the game before April 16th and anyone affected by the inventory wipe will receive a Community Appreciation Package for Outriders.

Hopefully, this ends the string of issues that Outriders have faced since its inception. When the Developers manage to make the game playable every time players log in without any game-breaking issues, it's a win.

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