Population One Adds Its Biggest War Mode Yet

Right in time for the Steam Summer Sale for you Oculus Quest users out there with a decent wireless network, Population: One has added to its usual chaotic lineup with 12v12 match-ups.

The generously titled "SUPER ADVANCED WAR MODE XXL" drops two teams of twelve into the battlefield. Forget population One, this is population 12 or under, and it's available right now.

When it launched back in October last year, Population: One paled in comparison to the typical 100-person battle royale meta, supporting 18 players split across three teams.

In May, Team Deathmatch swapped out the BR mechanic completely, challenging two teams to fight over a 30 kill limit.

Then, War Mode came along, succeeded by Advanced War mode, then Super Advanced War. A pattern was forming, and there's no guarantee the new XXL variant is the last of them.

There doesn't seem to be any word on how long SUPER ADVANCED WAR MODE XXL will last. But given previous versions have time-timed-limited activities, you might want to give it a shot sooner rather than later.

Population: One can be bought either through Steam or the Oculus Store on both PC and Quest.

Versions tied to an Oculus account are cross-purchase compatible, meaning one purchase unlocks both the portable Oculus Quest version and the Oculus PC version for tethered/Air Link play.

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