Population: ONE Season 2 Release Date Announced With Dual-Wielding And More

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If you've never heard of Population ONE then let us paint you a picture.

It's a VR battle royale first-person shooter developed by a team of developers at BigBox.


Currently, the game is available on Oculus Quest and Rift platforms with cross-buy support, as well as on HTC Vive, Windows MR and Valve Index.

Unlike some other BR shooters, the game isn't 100 players, but rather just 18, who are split evenly in teams of 3.

As for the setting, it features a bright and colourful map with a near-future aesthetic.

Now you've got an idea of what to expect, take a look, with the games launch trailer. And if it sounds like the kinda thing you've enjoy, read on, we'll tell you everything about the games upcoming second season.

Population ONE Season 2 - Everything You Need To Know

Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 is launching May 13, although at the time of writing there's no specific release time for the update. We'll be sure to update this page as we learn more.

Season 2 New Guns & Items

The big change for Season 1 of Population: ONE was the introduction of melee weapons.

Season 2 is going a different direction as the devs look to add the ability to dual-wield weapons, headlined by two new double-barreled pistols called 'Matadors'.

These aren't the only new items coming as the developers are also adding shielded shakers, which will be used to replenish your shields and a harmonica that can be used to heal your teammates.

Season 2: The Frontier Trailer


Season 2 Team Changes

BigBox VR has confirmed to VRFocus that it will be expanding the number of players in matches from 18 up to 24, essentially adding two more teams into the mix.

Season 2 Map Changes

Population: ONE is adding a new area of the map in Season 2 called The Frontier, it's a wild west desert-style location that replaces the cliffside area of the Season 1 map.

You can get a brief look of this new map and where it fits into the wider map just below:

Battle Pass

You can get a good look at the battle pass (and everything else mentioned above) in the video below, courtesy of ZD2K on Reddit.