Best New Mobile Games Launching This Year

2022 may seem quiet for major game releases, but only if you’re not looking at mobile. Dozens of promising games are set to launch on mobile devices this year – traditional RPGs, multiplayer shooters, battle royale spinoffs, and everything in between.

This guide covers some of the highly anticipated games planned for release in 2022. Check back often, as we’ll be updating it with release dates and more information as it becomes available.

Valorant Mobile

Riot’s smash-hit team shooter is coming to mobile devices – eventually. Like Apex Legends Mobile, we expect Valorant Mobile to bring everything we love about the game to smaller devices, with nearly two dozen Agents and some of the best maps in online multiplayer shooters. We don’t know much yet about what differences to expect in the mobile version, but more details should be coming soon.

DC Heroes and Villains

Superheroes have invaded nearly every genre, from platformers to fighters and even online games, but DC Heroes and Villains takes a different approach.

This is a match-three puzzle game with RPG elements, an unlikely combination where you explore iconic DC locales, then recruit some of your favorite, well, heroes and villains, customize them, and use their powers to solve puzzles. It’s a unique spin on superheroes we’re looking forward to.

Endless runners are great, and we’re big fans of Cookie Run here, but the prospect of a Cookie Run battle royale is far too delectable to pass up.

Each cookie has its own unique flavor of combat, with a wide range of skills and attacks to flatten the opposition with. There’s still some time left in the oven for this delight, unfortunately. Eating raw dough is bad for you anyway, though, so we’re happy to wait.

Disney Mirrorverse

What is a divergent Disney universe? Think of it as Kingdom Hearts without the Final Fantasy or giant shoes. In the world of Disney Mirrorverse, the forces of light and darkness clash.

The likes of Sully gear up to face off against Maleficent and other iconic villains in an action-packed adventure full of loot, dungeons, and more. Much more, apparently, as the developer, Kabam Games, promised monthly content updates when the game launches.

Demon Slayer Battle Royale

Cookie Run isn’t the only series getting the battle royale treatment. Demon Slayer is also venturing into the “last fighter standing” arena, though we’re not exactly sure when. So far, there are only details about the Japanese release, though hopefully that changes soon.

Honkai Star Rail

Hoyoverse, the makers of Genshin Impact, are taking Honkai Impact to the next level with Honkai Star Rail, and by “next level,” we mean literally out of this world. Details are still thin on the ground about this turn-based space RPG, but we do have some info about several of the characters you can expect to meet.

Ever Crisis: Final Fantasy 7

Alongside The First Soldier reveal, Square Enix snuck in mention of a Final Fantasy 7 compilation called Ever Crisis. It’s a remaster of the base game and its spinoffs, which presumably includes Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus.

That alone is potentially worth the price of entry, since neither game has been made available on modern consoles – or at all since their respective releases on PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2. Square Enix has kept quiet about this most curious of remakes, but we’re hoping that changes this summer.

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent

Octopath Traveler had eight characters, and that apparently wasn’t enough for Square Enix, so they decided to make a mobile sequel with over 60 playable heroes. You’ll journey across the lands to face evil in many forms, building and honing your party along the way.

It’s a gacha game, so there’s an element of randomness to proceedings. But low drop rates aside, it’s easy to overlook when Champions of the Continent looks as good as it does.

Apex Legends Mobile

The only thing better than playing Apex Legends is playing Apex Legends on your phone. The mobile release is (slowly) happening as we write this, and while some of the environments have been scaled down, the vital essence of this team shooter remains firmly intact. Expect all the new content and Legends to drop on mobile soon

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is coming West this summer, and it looks absolutely marvelous. Featuring Joe Hisaishi’s music, cutscenes from Studio Ghibli, and a brand-new story, Cross Worlds is yet another fresh take on the charming fantasy series. While details on the story are still a bit thin, you can expect several RPG staples such as classes, real-time combat, party building, and more.

Black Clover

Pearl Abyss, makers of Black Desert, are trying their hand at a spinoff of the popular anime Black Clover. What exactly it is, well, we’re still not quite sure.

It’s a character-based game, so gacha elements are likely, and given who’s making it, we’d be surprised if it doesn’t feature some kind of MMO element – or end up being a full MMO. The game was first announced in December, so hopefully, we’ll hear more about it soon.

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