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Honkai Star Rail Lynx materials farming guide

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Honkai Star Rail Lynx

Lynx is the second 4-star Abundance character to join Honkai Star Rail’s roster. With Lynx’s kit allowing her to cleanse your full party of all debuffs, many feel that she might be a better support than Bailu, who is a 5-star character. So our Honkai Star Rail Lynx materials farming guide will allow you to prepare all of the necessary resources for her ascensions and traces.

However, our guide is designed for players willing to put maximum investment into Lynx’s traces and ascensions. So if you do not plan on levelling her all the way to 80, as well as levelling all her traces, then you will need significantly fewer resources than what we have listed below.

But before we go over all of the materials that you need to farm for Lynx, consider checking out our Lynx build to know what her best teams, light cones, and relics are. We also have a Fu Xuan build guide if you plan on building a mono Quantum team.

Honkai Star Rail Lynx materials for levelling

Honkai Star Rail Lynx
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So here are all of the ascension materials that you need to level Lynx. But if you want to level her all the way to 80, then you will need 580,100 Credits, 287 Traveler’s Guide, nine Adventure Logs, and 21 Travel Encounters. Additionally, you will require the resources needed for Ascensions, which we have listed below.

Ascension Level Materials
20Extinguished Core x4, 3200 Credits
30Extinguished Core x8, 6400 Credits
40Glimmering Core x5, Nail of the Ape x2, 12800 Credits
50Glimmering Core x8, Nail of the Ape x5, 32000 Credits
60Squirming Core x5, Nail of the Ape x15, 64000 Credits
70Squirming Core x7, Nail of the Ape x28, 128000 Credits

Lynx materials for traces

So here are all of the materials you need for Lynx’s traces. However, the resources listed below are for players who want to max out her traces including all bonus traces that give her stat boosts. So with Lynx being a healer, every bit of HP and Effect RES helps. Therefore, if you want to invest in her build as much as possible, check out everything you'll need in the list below:

  • x12 Seed of Abundance
  • x54 Sprout of Life
  • x105 Flower of Eternity
  • x28 Extinguished Core
  • x42 Glimmering Core
  • x42 Squirming Core
  • x12 Regret of Infinite Ochema
  • x5 Tracks of Destiny
  • x2400000 Credits

Since Lynx is a 4-star unit, you will notice that the amount of resources needed to level her up is a lot lower than her 5-star star counterparts. However, the hardest part about levelling up Lynx is arguably obtaining 12 copies of Regret of Infinite Ochema. So if you do not have a strong healer to farm the Phantylia weekly boss, then you should borrow a Luocha to make farming the Echo of War easier.

But there you have it, that is all you need to know about levelling up Lynx. For more Honkai Star Rail content, be sure to check out our list of Honkai Star Rail codes which will help you get some Stellar Jade and other resources. We also have a Silver Wolf build in case you want to pair Lynx with her in mono Quantum teams.

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