Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Zombies are Back: release date, guns, and more

Image showing COD Mobile halloween skins
Credit: Activision

Image showing COD Mobile halloween skins
Credit: Activision

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Although there still a few days of season 8 remaining, attention is already turning towards the launch of COD Mobile season 9. The ninth season of 2022 channels Halloween with a range of spooky skins and the return of zombies.

Alongside the undead reappearing, the developer has introduced a brand-new assault rifle, a new piece of lethal equipment, and plenty of changes to celebrate the arrival of pumpkin season.

Before we take a closer look at COD Mobile season 9, check out the best Fennec loadout to use and all there is to know about the COD Mobile World Championship.

When does COD Mobile season 9 start?

The ninth season of the year begins on October 12, 2022 at 5PM PT (1AM BST) and although it's a late night for UK players, North American fans will have the perfect chance to spend their evening exploring all of the new content that's on offer.

COD Mobile season 9 guns

As with most seasons, new guns make their way into the arsenal and for season 9, it's no different. The Krig 6 assault rifle from Black Ops Cold War becomes the latest gun to arrive and if it performs anything like it did in Treyarch's latest release, there's a high chance of it having a huge impact on the meta.

Simply reach tier 21 of the battle pass to get your hands on it.

Image showing Krig 6 and C4 in Call of Duty Mobile
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Credit: Activision

COD Mobile C4

Alongside the Krig 6, C4 is on its way to COD Mobile in Season 5. The remote-detonation explosive is a familiar part of the franchise and is capable of dealing incredible amounts of damage.

To unlock it, reach tier 14 of the battle pass.

COD Mobile season 9 battle pass

In addition to the new guns and equipment, the battle pass contains new skins for Kui Ji, Domino, and Merc alongside blueprints for the ICR-1 and SKS.

Image showing COD Mobile season 9 operator skins
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Credit: Activision

COD Mobile season 9 zombies

Arguably the most notable addition to COD Mobile are zombies. The undead returns as part of two new modes for players to experience on Shi No Numa.

Zombies Classic is the classic round-based experience Call of Duty is synonymous with. Earn points by slaying zombies to purchase perks, weapons, and upgrades to see how long you can last.

Super Attack of the Undead provides an alternative experience. Players drop into the action as humans and at the start of each game, one player is chosen to become a zombie. Similar to Infected, the last human or zombie standing at the end wins.

COD Mobile season 9 maps

For a zombie-free experience, the Hacienda map has received a makeover. Haunted Hacienda features plenty of seasonal decorations and a darker setting to spice up multiplayer even further.

COD Mobile Haunted Voyage event

The new season brings a brand-new event to COD Mobile. Known as Haunted Voyage, players can complete a range of objectives in multiplayer and battle royale to obtain Halloween Coins to spend on Halloween Candies.

The candies provide a different number of points that players can choose to spend on exclusive skins and weapon blueprints.

That's everything there is to know about COD Mobile season 9. For more Call of Duty, head to our Modern Warfare 2 page for the latest news on Infinity Ward's latest release.

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