COD Mobile: The Best Fennec Loadout In Season 9

COD Mobile Season 9 is off to a flying start with all the new changes in the weapons meta. SMGs are undoubtedly the best weapons class in the game right now, especially in multiplayer mode.

With all these changes, players are eager to know which is the best SMG to use in COD Mobile Season 9 ranked mode.

While several prefer weapons like QQ9 or MSMC, there is no denying how overpowered the Fennec is in the current meta. The weapon is currently the best choice at close to mid-range and having a proper loadout for the Fennec is a must.

Here is the best loadout for the Fennec SMG in COD Mobile Season 9.

SMG - Fennec - Base Stats

Here are the base stats for the Fennec SMG in COD Mobile:

  • Damage: 38
  • Fire Rate: 111
  • Accuracy: 22
  • Mobility: 88
  • Range: 40
  • Control: 14

The Fennec is the fastest firing SMG in the game and currently has a firing rate of 111. This effectively means that controlling the weapon can become challenging in-game.

Thus, the focus will be to build a loadout that allows players to control the high-recoil while maintaining accuracy with the Fennec.

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The main goal with the Fennec is recoil control. Hence players should opt for a build that will reduce their recoil and make it fairly controllable at close to mid range.

Here are the best attachments for the Fennec in Season 9:

  • Muzzle- Monolithic Suppressor
  • Laser- OWC Laser Tactical
  • Ammunition- Extended Mag A
  • Underbarrel - Operator Foregrip
  • Rear Grip- Granulated Grip Tape

Players can also choose to exchange some of the attachments to suit their playing style. For instance, using the No Stock, or a RTC Steady Stock will change the accuracy and mobility of the weapon.

Similarly, using an Underbarrel and a Rear Grip at the same time will increase the control exponentially.

The objective is to have a loadout that reduces Fennec’s recoil while increasing its ADS and HIP fire accuracy.

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With a proper loadout, players can run rampant in lobbies with an overpowered Fennec. The best thing about this weapon is the mobility it offers players.

Here are some Perk combinations players can use to maximize control with the Fennec and give them the edge in-game:

  • Flak Jacket- Vulture - High Alert
  • Agile - Quick Fix - Alert
  • Lightweight - Hard Wired- Dead Silence

Coupled with the high fire rate, the Fennec is a lurker's best friend in COD Mobile. Flanking the enemy with the Fennec will always ensure an easy kill on the opponents.

Sometimes players will find them off guard and can easily get a few collateral kills at once. The Fennec's spray pattern is rather difficult to master compared to every other SMG.

Similarly, it has a relatively shorted ammo clip. Thus, players will have to compensate for those missing bullets with high accuracy.

Tips And Tricks

Despite all the comparisons, the Fennec retains its number one spot in the SMG category of COD Mobile in Season 9. The community frowns on players who use the Akimbo Perk for the Fennec, as that just lowers the weapon's true potential.

The Fennec is not merely the fastest firing weapon in COD Mobile. It is highly accurate and is often considered the best weapon for close-quarters.

Players using the Fennec instantly get a mobility boost along with a high fire rate weapon. This factor alone is sufficient to make the Fennec a beast in multiplayer mode.

Adapting to its recoil pattern might require a higher skill level as it is not at all straightforward. Due to its high fire rate, the HIP fire spread is too much on the Fennec.

Thus, players are advised to ADS for mid-range fights and try to control the recoil instead of blindly spraying bullets.

The HIP fire becomes most effective at 5-10metres as the Fennec spews bullets at a deadly fire rate of 111. Players can always make adjustments with a better Barrel to add some stability and range to the weapon.

However, it's best to use the Fennec for close to mid-range fights as it is most potent at those limits.

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