COD Mobile: How To Complete The Razor Sharp Seasonal Challenge in Season 4?

COD Mobile Season 4 is off to a brilliant start with all the new inclusions in the latest season. Activision balanced several weapons to facilitate a new weapons meta. At the same time, they added several challenges for players to grind and earn new cosmetic items.

One of the new items added in the game is the new Sickle melee weapon, and for this players will need to get the Melee Master medal in COD Mobile BR mode. Anyone playing the game regularly knows that melee weapons are far easier to get kills with than traditional weapons in public matches, but only in MP matches.

Last season, the community wanted a grindable challenge for the Japanese-themed Katana melee sword. Although it was added in crates and lucky draws, Activision has made sure that the new Sickle melee weapon is free for all.

They added this new weapon in the seasonal challenges for COD Mobile Season 3, and here's how to complete it swiftly.

As a side note, players should get in a Squad queue for a battle royale match to unlock the Melee Master medal first.

How to complete the Razor Sharp seasonal challenge and earn the Melee Master medal in COD Mobile?

Like every other seasonal challenge in COD Mobile, the Razor Sharp challenge has seven stages for players to complete. Each stage will unlock specific cosmetic items, and the last stage unlocks the Sickle melee weapon.

In the first stage, players will have to complete three Multiplayer matches. They can try out one of the many Featured game selections in COD Mobile MP mode.

Reward: 200 Credits and 1000 Battle Pass XP

For the next stage, players will have to kill 15 opponents in MP mode with Dead Silence Perk equipped. To complete this, players can try out any of the public match modes, as it might be tough in Ranked lobbies.

Reward: 10 Weapon XP Card and 2000 Battle Pass XP

In the third stage, players will have to kill 20 opponents with Quick Fix Perk equipped. This perk allows players to regenerate health quickly after a gunfight.

Reward: FHJ-18 Carrion (uncommon) and 3000 Battle Pass XP

For the next stage, COD Mobile players will have to kill 5 enemies with Melee weapons. This is where players can sneak around the map, or camp corners to catch opponents off guard.

Reward: S-36 Carrion (uncommon) and 4000 Battle Pass XP

The fifth stage is perhaps the toughest one, as it requires players to earn the Melee Master medal in COD Mobile BR mode. To do this, players will need to kill four opponents with Melee weapons in a Battle Royale game. Warfare mode will not count for this challenge, so the best method would be to drop down at a hotspot in the classic BR map.

Reward: Punk Skull spray and 4000 Battle Pass XP

The sixth stage is rather hilarious as it requires players to kill the same player 3 times in MP matches twice. Completing this challenge will unlock the Sickle melee weapon in COD Mobile Season 4.

As a bonus reward, Activision has added the seventh stage where players can unlock the Moon Mesas player card by earning the Relentless medal in MP Mode.

To earn the Relentless Medal in COD Mobile, players will have to kill 20 opponents in MP mode without dying.

Reward: Moon Mesas player card and 6000 Battle Pass XP

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