COD Mobile: Best Weapons To Use In BR Mode

COD Mobile Season 4 is off to a wonderful start with all the new inclusions added by Activision. Like every season, the weapons meta has changed and players are still figuring out which are the best guns to use in Season 4.

SMGs and ARs flourished in last season's weapons meta. However, the current season started with a massive nerf for Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile.

It is important to note, that the weapons which are effective in Multiplayer mode, may not be as good in COD Mobile Battle Royale mode. In BR mode, players have to consider several aspects like bullet velocity, target distance, and damage drop.

BR mode is not as easy as MP and to survive, players need the best weapons in COD Mobile Season 4. The following list comprises of the top 5 most efficient weapons players can use in COD Mobile Battle Royale.

COD Mobile: Best weapons for BR Mode in Season 4

The weapons meta in COD Mobile Season 4 favours ARs and LMGs over other classes in Battle Royale Mode. SMGs work fine, but they are not as effective in BR in the mid-to-long range.

#5 - Holger 26

The Holger 26 was recently added to COD Mobile and it became instantly popular among players. This LMG was specially designed for players who like to run and gun. The Holger 26 is not available in the loadout section yet, but players can find this weapon as ground loot in COD Mobile's BR mode.

Moreover, with 46 base damage, 60 range, 59 control, and 71 fire rate, the Holger 26 stands as one of the best LMGs to use in COD Mobile Season 4.

#4 - KN-44

The KN-44 Assault Rifle was recently buffed in COD Mobile, and it became quite an effective weapon in the BR mode. The developers mentioned that they increased the reload speed, optimized horizontal recoil, and optimized damage amplification for the KN-44 in Season 4.

Similarly, these changes have made the weapon exceedingly effective in the BR Mode. With a base damage of 41 and a high fire rate of 63, the KN-44 shreds opponents at close to mid-range. It is also fairly accurate at long ranges, but players need to attach optics to aim better.

#3 - ASM10

The ASM10 has been one of the most reliable ARs in COD Mobile. The weapon has a slow fire rate but is still preferred over other ARs. The main reason for this is the high damage rate which remains the same even at mid-range.

There are a few drawbacks for the ASM10, besides its fire rate. For instance, the recoil pattern can be difficult to master, and mobility can be an issue especially after adding five attachments.

However, the ASM10 boasts high damage of 49, which is the second-highest in the Assault Rifle class.

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#2 - Man-O-War

Coming in at the second spot is none other than the highest damage inflicting Assault Rifle, Man-O-War. This weapon is remarkably efficient in the Battle Royale mode. The only drawback for the Man-O-War is its fire rate and reload time.

This weapon has a base damage of 52, and its recoil is relatively easy to control. Some consider it the best weapon for COD Mobile BR mode, but there is one weapon that outshines everyone on this list.

#1 - AK-47

COD Mobile players who regularly grind the BR mode know that the AK-47 stands next to none when it comes to efficiency, mobility, range, and accuracy. This weapon has maintained its supreme status in the meta for the last six seasons. So what makes the AK-47 so popular in COD Mobile BR mode?

Firstly, the AK-47 has a base damage of 48, which is the third-highest in the AR class. Secondly, the recoil for AK-47 is much easier to control than other weapons. To top it off, this weapon is impeccably accurate in mid-to-long-range combat.

The AK-47 offers better mobility with the proper attachments, but it's best to select the ones for high accuracy, range, and recoil control.

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